Level 21 (10000/20000/20000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 11
Chip average: 710,909

Andrew Ziskin (pictured) has been biding his time on the short stack, quietly laddering up as the day has progressed. But as the blinds have increased he has been below ten big blinds for over an hour, and found a hand to push with.

Ziskin shoves from middle position and gets a call in the big blind by Brandon Zallar.

Andrew Ziskin - A♠5♥
Brandon Zallar - 4♠4♦

Ziskin is racing for his tournament life as we go to a flop of 8♠4♥3♦. An ace or five will be of no help against Zallar's set of fours. Ziskin will need to catch a deuce to make a wheel or see his tournament come to an end. The turn brings the 3♠ to fill up Zallar and render Ziskin drawing dead. The J♦ is just a formality as Ziskin begins his walk toward the exit.

Ziskin finishes 12th in the Main Event and will collect $3,293 for his performance.

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