Level 21 (10000/20000/20000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 10
Chip average: 782,000

Matt Riffel raises from late position and faces a from Saied Moradi (pictured). When the action is back on Riffel, he four-bets and then calls a shove from Moradi.

Saied Moradi - A♦Q♣
Matt Riffel - J♥J♦

"I never win with this hand," Moradi says as the dealer spreads a flop of K♥K♦7♥. Either an ace or a queen will keep Moradi alive, without them he will exit in 11th place. The turn brings the 8♥, and now Moradi needs a non-heart ace or queen.  The river is neither when the dealer completes the board with the 6♣.

Moradi finishes 11th after a strong performance in the Main Event and will receive $3,293.

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