Level 23 (15000/30000/5000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 4
Average chips: 2,115,000

The ups and downs of poker can come in back to back hands. Such was the case for Brandon Elmore. In three back-to-back hands, he doubled up, lost 95% of his stack, and then went broke.

In the first hand, Elmore and Charles Aron got all their chips in the middle before the flop. Olsen tabled A♦A♣ and Elmore held 8♦8♣. The flop came A♣9♦6♣, giving Aron top set. Elmore would need a running seven-five for a straight or running quads to survive.

The turn brought hope for Elmore with the 5♥. The river 7♣ filled Elmore's gutshot straight to survive and double up.

In the second hand, Kristian Olsen opened for 75,000 and Elmore three-bet to 250,000. Olsen thought about what to do for a bit and then moved all in. Elmore quickly called and the hands were turned up.

Kristian Olsen - A♥A♣
Brandon Elmore - T♠T♣

The board ran out less dramatically this time, K♦8♥4♥6♣K♠, with Olsen's aces holding up. Elmore shipped 1,292,000 chips to Olsen at the conclusion.

In Elmore's final hand, he moved all in from middle position for 95,000 and was called by both Seth Evans and Kristian Olsen. 

With no side pot, both players checked it to the river as the board ran out A♥9♥T♦4♥2♥. Elmore turned over A♣9♦ for two pair, but Olsen showed K♣3♥ for a flush. Evans's J♦4♦ went into the muck and Olsen scooped the pot.

Elmore exits the tournament in 5th place and receives $11,764 for his performance.

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