Level 23 (15000/30000/5000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 5
Average chips: 1,692,000

One hand after doubling up, Jesse Jones (pictured) has been eliminated by Charles Aron. 

In the first hand, Seth Evans opened for 75,000 and Jones moved all in for 208,000. Charles Aron then four-bet to 400,000, prompting Evans to fold.

Jesse Jones - 7♥7♣
Charles Aron - A♦K♠

The board ran out dry for Aron's big slick, Q♣T♥3♠8♠3♥, and Jones doubled up and then some to 567,000.

In the next hand, Brandon Elmore opened for 75,000 and Jones again moved all in. Charles Aron called and Elmore folded.

Jesse Jones - 6♥6♣
Charles Aron - K♣J♣

New cards but practically the same situation, a middle pair against overcards. It looked to be deja vu all over again when the flop came T♠8♠8♣. The turn brought Aron more outs with the 7♣. Aron could now catch a king, jack, nine, or club to win. The river brought it in with the 2♣ to give Aron a winning flush.

Jones exits the tournament in sixth place and receives $9,004 for his Main Event performance.

Charles Aron - 2,239,000
Jesse Jones - Out

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