Level 24 (20000/40000/40000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 5
Chip average: 1,564,000

The action folds to Doug Miller in the small blind and he raises, only to see Andrew Flaherty shove all-in for 445,000. Miller calls and we see the cards.

Doug Miller - A♣Q♠
Andrew Flaherty - J♥J♦

The dealer spread a flop of A♠Q♦T♠. Flaherty goes from in the lead to way behind with the flop. The turn brings the 5♠, stealing two more outs from Flaherty. Flaherty must catch a non-spade king or jack to stay alive.

The river delivers salvation in the J♣. Flaherty's rivered set comes from behind against Miller's top-two pair to secure the double-up.

Andrew Flaherty - 890,000
Doug Miller - 1,165,000

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series