Level 24 (20000/40000/40000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 5
Chip average: 1,564,000


The action folds to Garnet Farron in the cutoff and he raises to 100,000. Brandon Zaller folds the button but Matt Riffel (pictured) in the small blind moves all-in for 515,000. When it folds back to Farron, he gets the count and calls.

Garnet Farron - A♥9♥
Matt Riffel - A♠K♦

Riffel is ahead and has Farron dominated, but all that changes on a flop of Q♥9♣4♠. The percentages invert and now it's Riffel who is dominated, needing one of three kings left in the deck to keep his tournament alive. The turn is no help when the Q♦ comes, and it's all down to the river for Riffel. 

The river is the T♠, bringing Riffel's final table to an end.

For his performance in the Main Event, Riffel will collect $8,323.

Garnet Farron - 1,925,000
Matt Riffel - Eliminated

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