Level 16 (3000/6000/1000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 45
Average chips: 188,000

Bubble play lasted 40 minutes, beginning with 47 left and ending with 45 left. We saw a few interesting hands along the way, so jump in the time machine as we go back to Level 15.

Level 15 - Hand 1 (47 left)

Our first stop is Table 13. Day 1A chip leader Jacob Seale opens form the hijack to 12,500. Regina Weaver, with less than 100,000 behind, calls. Andre Allen in the big blind three-bets to 40,000. 

After some table talk, Seale folds and the action is back on Weaver.

After thinking for half a minute, Weaver says, "I think I'm crazy for laying this down," yet she id still holding onto her cards. A few more seconds pass and she says, "If I was suited, I'd call," and finally mucks her hand face-up to reveal A♥J♦.

Allen shows the table A♠J♥ and takes the pot. Seale claims to have folded ace-queen.

Andre Allen - 281,000
Regina Weaver - 82,000
Jacob Seale - 292,000

Level 15 - Hand 2 (47 left)

On Table 14, the button opens for 12,000 and Steven Shepard in the small blind moves all in for 69,500. Mason Hinkle reshoves from the big blind and the button folds.


Hinkle - A♠A♦
Shepard - J♥J♣

Hinkle is in a great position to knock out Shepard and get us one closer to the money. Lighting strikes for Shepard when the flop comes Q♥Q♣J♦, giving Shepard a full house. Hinkle will need an ace or a queen to retake the lead.

Neither arrives on the 5♥ turn or 7♦ river, and half of Hinkle's stack is pushed to Shepard.

Mason Hinkle - 59,500
Steven Shepard - 140,500

More hands from the time machine in the next post...

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