Level 17 (4000/8000/1000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 38
Average chips: 222,632

Here are more hands we witnessed during hand-for-hand play on the money bubble.

Level 16 - Hand 1 (47 left)

Grant Hinkle opens on the button to 10,000 and William Pridey moves all in for 43,500 from the big blind. Hinkle thinks it over for half a minute and then calls, saying, "I should have outs."

Pridey - A♥A♦
Hinkle - A♠J♦

"I have no outs," Hinkle says when he sees what he's up against, getting a laugh from the table. The flop brings little help when it comes T♥9♠9♣. Hinkle will need running straight cards to climb out of this trap. The turn brings a little hope with the 7♣. Hinkle can catch an eight to make a straight and win the hand. Instead, the 6♣ comes on the river and Pridey doubles up.

William Pridey - 101,000
Grant Hinkle - 171,000

Level 16 - Hand 2 (47 left)

Back to table 13. Tim Black opens for 18,000 and Chris Horter moves all in from middle position for around 80,000. The action folds to Andre Allen in the big blind, who reshoves for a little over 200,000. Black folds and the hands are turned up.

Andre Allen - K♠K♦
Chris Horter - J♥J♦


It's the nightmare scenario for jacks, and Horter will need a lot of help to come from behind.

The flop comes Q♦T♦4♦, leaving Horter needing a jack or runner-runner straight that isn't a diamond.  The micro-sweat is all over with the arrival of the 5♦ on the turn, giving Allen the winning flush.  The meaningless Q♠ completes the board and Horter exits the tournament in 47th place.

Andre Allen - 319,000
Chris Horter - Out

More hands from the time machine coming up...

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