Level 22 (15000/25000/25000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 8
Chip average: 977,500

The action folds around to Matt Donaldson (pictured) in the cutoff and he shoves all-in. Matt Riffel in the big blind calls and the hands are turned up.

Matt Donaldson - 9♣7♦
Matt Riffel - A♥7♠

Donaldson is dominated going to the flop, which comes A♣9♠6♦. Both players pair their live card, but Donaldson is still behind and needs a nine or running straight cards to survive.

The dealer turns the 2♥, leaving Donaldson one card away from elimination. The dealer puts the K♣ out on the river to end the hand and Donaldson's Main Event.

For his performance, Donaldson will collect $4,067.

Matt Riffel - 895,000
Matt Donaldson - Eliminated


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