Level 23 (15000/30000/30000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 7
Chip average: 1,117,142

The action folds around to Scott Buller (pictured) on the button and he moves all in for 465,000. Corey Blevins in the small blind goes into the tank for a full minute, counting down his own stack and thinking through his decision. Eventually he pushes in calling chips to put Buller at risk. Garnet Farron folds the big blind and the hands are turned up.

Scott Buller - A♠4♦
Corey Blevins - A♣Q♣

"Nice hand," Buller says when he sees the bad news.

The board runs out with chop possibilities, but ultimately holds for Blevins:  K♥T♦2♠2♦6♥.

For his 8th place performance, Buller will receive $5,091 from the prize pool.

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