Level 4 (150/300)
Day 1A entries: 66

Blair and Grant Hinkle were the first RG Pros to take a seat in the first flight of the North Kansas City Main Event, and neither has wasted their time chipping up in the early levels. Blair has chipped up to just under the half-century mark with 49,300 chips, while Grant trails his sibling rival with 34,400.

Late arrivals Ben Reason and Justin Gardenhire (pictured) have also increased their stacks to 36,400 and 24,300, respectively. Ray Henson is the exception, sitting with 15,800, though he has rebounded from a low of 11,600.

With the first break of the flight just a few minutes away, we hear, "He did it again!" from Justin Gardenhire's table. Sean Lindsey has moved all-in blind for 10,325. The action folds to Mike White in the cutoff, who goes into the tank.

"Remember, I haven't looked," Lindsey reminds the table. But White decides not to risk it and folds. Megan Thomson and Roy Ben-Aharon fold, leaving Gardenhire in the big blind.

"Ten-nine or better," he says, as he ducks to check his hole cards. "Aw, man, I don't think I can do it with ten-five, he says, and folds. Lindsey turns over 5♥3♦, and the table erupts in laughter.

The first scheduled 10-minute break is upon us. Following the break, the blinds will increase to 200/400 with a 50 ante.

Chip counts:

Blair Hinkle - 49,300
Grant Hinkle - 34,400
Ray Henson - 15,800
Justin Gardenhire - 24,300
Ben Reason - 36,400
Sean Lindsey - 10,600
Paul Strohm - 30,900
Mike White - 43,600
Megan Thomson - 14,700
David Labatt - 16,800
Joe Graybill - 36,200

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