Level 8 (500/1000/1000)
Total Entrants: 106

As level 8 comes to a close and we search the field for the biggest stacks, we notice Blair Hinkle's 124,000 chips. Just a level ago, Hinkle (pictured) held an average stack of 40,000.

Blair says he came by his new found wealth via two big pots. The first against Mike Levinson. Hinkle held Ax8x against Levinson's K♥Q♥, and all the money went in on an A♥6♥4x flop. The pair of aces held to give Hinkle an 80,000-chip pot.

The smaller windfall came when Hinkle limped in with 9x2x. The flop brought 7x2x2x, and all the money went in with his opponent holding Ax7x. The trip deuces held for another 35,000-chip pot.

Level 8 has just come to an end and the players are now enjoying a scheduled 15-minute break.

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