Level 7 (400/800/100)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 100

Cherie Baber has spent a large part of Day 1 adding chips to her stack and she is the closing in on being the first player over 100,000. 

It didn't take long to find the first wave of players pushing toward the 100,000 as a few players are already nearly or over three-quarters of the way there. Leading the charge is Cherie Baber, who is already up to 85,000. In May of last year, Baber reached the final table of this event, taking ninth. It's a tad early to start making plans for Sunday night but if Baber can continuing building at this rate, another final table trip could be in her immediate future. 

Trailing her on the leaderboard are a few RunGood pros including, Dan Lowery and Grant Hinkle, both of whom are over 70,000. Both Lowery and Hinkle are plenty experienced in tournaments such as this and it will make for an interesting race to the finish line. Just over five full levels are left in Day 1A but for the time being, below is a look at the current chip leaders. 

Cherie Baber - 85,000
Grant Hinkle - 77,000
Dan Lowery - 72,000
Jerry Kahl - 66,000
John Heckencamp - 57,000
James Dunkelberger - 55,000
Matt Ellis - 55,000

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