Level 4 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 87

Big pots are somewhat rare in the early going, but Jack Wellman (pictured) just joined Raymond Kilpatrick atop the leaderboard going into the first break with just such a pot.

One player limped and Wellman raises to 900. One player in late position calls, the small blind calls, and the limper calls. The dealer spreads a flop of 9♦7♠6♣. The action checks to Wellman and he bets 3,500.

The late position player puts together a raise of 7,500. The other players fold and Wellman thinks it over for half a minute before tossing in a call.

The A♦ hits the turn and Wellman checks. His opponent moves all in for 7,000 and Wellman takes little time to call.

The late position player turns over 9♠8♠ for a pair and an open-ended straight draw. Wellman tables T♠T♦ for a better pair and a gutshot.

Wellman's pocked pair holds when the river pairs the board with the 7♦.

Jack Wellman - 53,000

Raymond Kilpatrick had 88,000 at his peak but has back tracked into the 60k range heading to break.


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