Level 3 (100/200/200)
Total Entrants: 80

As the tables continue to fill up, we're seeing a lot of familiar faces enjoying the early action. 

Local players Cheri Baber and Eric Bunch are among the field, as are RGPS regulars Bob Roberts, Rodney Spriggs, John Heckencamp, Bart Bogard, Matt Ellis, Duster Ellis, Raymond, Kilpatrick, Chris Horter, Mark Van Kiersbilck and Jeff Bryan. RG Ambassadors Blair Hinkle, Grant Hinkle, Mina Greco (pictured) , Bryan Campanello, Bernard Lee, Jules Cornelius, and Papa Karn are all mixing it up at their tables.

Members of Kansas City's Monday Night Poker group among the field include Paul Strohm, Cash Carpenter, and Jim Indiveri.

So many familiar faces, it feels like a home game.