Level 10 (800/1600/1600)
Total Entrants: 108

On the last hand of Level 10, the action folds to Jeff Tuttle in late position and only the blinds come along. The dealer spreads a flop of J♥5♦5♥, and the blinds check to Tuttle, who bets 8,000 into the 4,800-chip pot.

The small blind folds but Shawn McCracken (pictured) calls in the big blind. The turn is the 9♦, and McCracken checks. Tuttle immediately moves all-in for around 35,000 and McCracken quickly calls.

McCracken - J♦5♠
Tuttle - 4♥4♦

Tuttle is drawing dead against McCracken's flopped full house. The river brings the J♠ to improve McCracken's boat and send Tuttle to the rail.

Tuttle stands and is all class as he says, "Good hand," prior to his exit.

Shawn McCracken - 97,000

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