Level 11 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Entrants: 108
Players remaining: 24

The action is getting fast and furious in the last two levels of the flight. On the first hand of the level, Dave Queen (pictured) raises from under-the-gun to 8,000. Bob Roberts moves all-in for around 40,000, and the button calls all-in for less. Queen calls to put both players at risk.

Queen - K♥K♦
Roberts - T♦T♣
Button - 6♠7♠

Roberts flops the best hand when the dealer spreads A♣Q♣T♥. The button is drawing dead to a running eight-nine, while Queen needs a jack or king to come from behind.

The 5♦ ends the button's Day 1, but one of Queen's six outs arrives with the K♣ river.

Queen - 146,000

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