Level 7 (400/800/100)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 243
Total RG Main Event Day 1B Entries: 135

Kevin Rund is the chip leader for the time being but has a lot of work to do before the end of Level 12 to secure the heaviest bag from this flight. 

Around this time yesterday, Cherie Baber was out in front of the Day 1A field by a healthy margin but today the leaderboard is much more compact. At this stage of Day 1B, Kevin Rund is in the lead but has plenty of company behind him. 

Rund is currently playing 75,000 and will hope to avoid the same fate as Baber, who busted before the end of the night. The perch that Rund sits on for the time being is precarious, to say the least, with Pete Petree, Tai Du, and Robert Palacios all near the 70,000 mark. 

The leaderboard that took form by the end of Level 12 last night was from what it looked like during Level 7 but perhaps that trend may change when all is said done. Below is a look at the current chip leaders.  

Kevin Rund - 75,000
Tai Du - 68,000
Pete Petree - 65,000
Robert Palacios - 65,000
Kirk Smith - 58,000
Chris Conrad - 56,000

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