Level 4 (150/300/25)
Day 1B Entrants: 113
Total Entrants: 195

The RunGood Series serves as a starting point for local grinders to find their footing as they move up the tournament stakes. Three-time Season 2017 final tablist Jon Bennett proved this to be true in 2017. Before Bennett's rise, Matt Bond earned his stripes in 2015. 

Bond notched his best career-score, at that point of his tournament life, in April 2015 when he placed third in the RG Tulsa Main Event for $20,239. Since then, Bond has turned into one of the most consistent players in the area. 

The peak of Bond's tournament performance was in the biggest one of them all last summer. Bond took 35th in the third-largest WSOP Main Event and cashed out for $214,193 in the process. 

The Texan is in the Day 1B field attempting to rekindle his RunGood fire and cash in the series for the first time since that breakout score. 

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