Level 7 (400/800/100)
Day 1B Entrants: 135

Total Entrants: 206

The trend of RunGood ambassadors running up a stack in the Tulsa Main Event continues on Day 1B with Julie Cornelius (pictured) setting up shop at 130,000. Yesterday, it was Dan Lowery who claimed the early lead and today Cornelius is on top after felting an opponent. 

The hijack opened 2,000 and Cornelius called in the cutoff. The flop came out J♣8♣4♠ and the hijack bet 4,000. Cornelius raised to 10,000 and that induced the hijack to shove for 30,000 total. Cornelius called right away with J8 and had the 64 of her opponent dominated.

The rest of the board bricked and Cornelius picked up the pot to boost her stack. She is the current chip leader and unlike Lowery who busted late on Day 1A, she hopes to hang on and bag a strong stack heading into Day 2.

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