Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Day 1B Entrants: 146

Total Entrants: 217

The Day 1B RG Main Event field is on their second break of the day as the end of Level 8 arrives. Stacks are being accumulated across the field with Julie Cornelius still out in front. Cornelius is playing 120,000 and is trailed closely by Gable Hilderbrand (115,000) along with Jafar Kamarei (110,000). 

Other players who are stacking up include Will Berry (pictured), who registered in Level 8 and ran it up from there. The next four levels should see stacks climb even higher with Jesse Jones's chip lead within sight. Below is a look at the current leaderboard. 

Julie Cornelius - 120,000
Gable Hilderbrand - 115,000
Jafar Kamarei - 110,000
Shane Fuller - 97,000
Robert Shuptrine - 90,000
Seth Evans - 85,000
Will Berry - 80,000
Pete Petree - 75,000

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