Level 23 (15,000/30,000/5,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 7
Chip Average: 1,090,000

Chad Freeman is one of two players who doubled up through Kristen Deardorff to knock the chip leader back under 2,000,000. 

Kristen Deardorff's perch as chip leader is suddenly in peril as she doubled up Jon Bennett and Chad Freeman in consecutive hands to drop below 2,000,000. 

Bennett was the first to take a chunk from Deardorff after getting it in good and having to come from behind all in the same hand. Deardorff opened for 65,000 from early position and Bennett jammed for 330,000 on the button. Deardorff asked Bennett if he wanted any action and Bennett said he wouldn't mind it. It took a moment but Deardorff eventually dropped in a call with 8♣7♣ and was live against Bennett's AK♣

The J8♠2 flop put Deardorff ahead but after a brick on the turn, the K♠ hit the river and Bennett shipped the double. Freeman got his chips in against Deardorff in a dominating fashion and is now nearing 1,000,000.

Deardorff opened from under the gun to 65,000 and Freeman shoved for 465,000, also on the button. Deardorff confirmed the count and called with 6♣6. Freeman showed QQ and flopped a queen to secure the double. Deardorff is down to 1,900,000 and has Greg Jennings fewer than five big blinds behind her.

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