Level 24 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 3,840,000

Greg Jennings knocked out Chad Freeman and Jonathan Nguyen and has the chip lead coming into heads up play. 

Greg Jennings stood tall among all the insanity going on around him during the final table and managed to make his way into the five-way deal. Once Mike Rieck was eliminated, Jennings turned on the jets and took out Jonathan Nguyen and Chad Freeman to set up a heads duel with Kristen Deardorff. 

Freeman was the first to go as he got his last 200,000 in with 6♠4♠ and was live against the 75♠ of Jennings. The 7♣3♣2 flop but Jennings further ahead and Freeman headed to the payout cage to collect $18,164. Nguyen had the chip lead for a brief moment when he eliminated Rieck but handed those chips over to Jennings soon after.

Jennings managed to get paid off when he rivered broadway to the tune of 1,400,000 and then eliminated Nguyen an orbit later. Nguyen was all-in for his last 1,000,000 and in a flip with AK♣ against Jennings's 5♣5. A five on the flop gave Jennings the hand on a silver platter and Nguyen earns $25,874 for his two days of play.

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