Level 1 (25/50)
Day 1A Entries: 72

The opening flight of the RG Main Event is up to nine tables with 72 competitors spread across them. This early number puts a good start toward reaching the record number of 582 entrants from last August. 

RunGood's theme for this season is RG USA and a partnership with Operation Gratitude. All players who reach a RG final table this season receive the RUNGOOD USA hat and send a care package to troops overseas. 

These hats are available to purchase at the RunGood booth for $30. Half of the proceeds from the sale go toward the care packages and buyers can sign a personalized message for the troops. 

The RG blog is keeping tabs on the field as it grows throughout Day 1A and returns in Level 2 with the first look at a few of the players in it. 

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