Level 10 (800/1,600/200)
Day 1A Entries: 124
Players Remaining: 51

The charge of Robert Hankins (pictured) up the leaderboard is at a peak on Day 1A. Hankins sent an opponent to the rail after flopping perfect and getting paid the maximum. 

After a flop of 8♣5♣5, the player soon to be on the rail bet 10,000 from early position into a pot of that size. On this player's direct left, Hankins raised to 20,000. This raise elicited an all-in of 76,100 and Hankins called right away with 88♠. The full house was a huge favorite against the K♣K♠ of his opponent.

No king came and Hankins took in one of the largest pots of the night to grow his stack up to 175,000, good enough for second behind Butch Clinton.
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