Level 11 (1,000/2,000/300)
Day 1A Entries: 124
Players Remaining: 40

RunGood pro Justin Gardenhire (pictured) was one of the last entrants into the Day 1A field and is now sitting on 150,000. In under an hour of play, Gardenhire ran up his 20,000 starting stack and took 60,000 from former chip leader Butch Clinton. 

Clinton opened under the gun for 4,000 and Gardenhire called from two seats over. Clinton checked the AJ♠8 flop and Gardenhire took the initiative to bet 4,500. His bet was called and the 4♣ hit the turn. Clinton checked again and Gardenhire fired 13,300 more.

The bet was matched by Clinton and the 10♠ completed the board. Clinton knocked and Gardenhire through in 38,100.

Clinton used a minute of time and called to see Gardenhire roll over KQ♠ for rivered broadway. The A♣Q of Clinton went into the muck and his stack dropped to 160,000. Gardenhire is right behind Robert Hankins for the chip lead with the last level of the night near.
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