Level 4 (150/300/25)
Day 1B Entries: 216
Total RG Main Event Entries: 372

The influx of entrants on Day 1B of the RG Main Event has not yet slowed down and the field is approaching 400 entrants on the first break of the day. Over 200 entrants are in play so far and the $100,000 guarantee is almost doubled. The record field of 426 in a RunGood event is dangerously close to being toppled and will likely be hit at the start of tonight's Day 1C flight. 

Players are on their first break of the day and will return shortly to begin the second stage of Day 1B. Registration and re-entry are open until the start of Level 9 (approximately 4:20 pm) and all players who enter after that point will be in Day 1C. 

As play resumes for Level 5, the RunGood blog will return with a look at more players in the Day 1B field along with a few of the early chip leaders. 

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