Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1C Entries: 162
Total RG Main Event Entries: 561

RunGood's Michael Sanders is attempting to make Day 2 and we spent an orbit with him during Level 5. 

The early stages of tournaments can be monotonous at times so we decided to shake things up a bit in Level 5. Rather than try to catch a hand history in the field, we decided to go behind the scenes with RunGood ambassador Michael Sanders for an orbit. Sanders started Level 5 with about 23,000 and that's where we caught up with him as the level got started.

Hand 1: A player in middle position limped in and Sanders completed his small blind. The big blind checked his option and the flop came out 64♣2♠. Sanders checked and the big blind bet 800. The middle position player called and Sanders folded his hand.

Hand 2: The same middle position player opened to 800 and Sanders folded his button.

Hand 3: A player in early position opened to 900, which got Sanders to fold in the cutoff.

Hand 4: The lojack opened to 1,000 and Sanders called from one seat over, as did the button. The opener continued for 2,000 on the 66♣4♣ flop and only Sanders called to the A turn. The two players checked and the Q♣ hit the river. The lojack bet 3,000 and Sanders thought it over before calling to see his opponent turn over A♠4. Sanders mucked his hand.

Hand 5: The under the gun player opened to 800 and another player in early position called and Sanders folded when it got to him.

Hand 6 (10-handed): Sanders opened in middle position to 1,000 and was three-bet by the cutoff to 2,000. Sanders called and check-folded for 3,000 on the 8♠43♣ flop.

Hand 7: A player in early position opened to 1,000 and Sanders called along with two other players. The Q6♠2♠ flop checked through and Sanders folded to a bet of 2,500 on the A♠ turn.

Hand 8: Sanders folded to an early position raise.

Hand 9: Sanders folded under the gun.

 Hand 10: The under the gun player limped and a player in early position made it 1,500. Sanders called from the big blind as did the limper. Sanders checked the Q6♠3 flop and folded to a c-bet of 2,000.

Sanders dropped about half of his stack in that orbit and now has some work to do to spin up his remaining 12,500 in the next few levels.

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