Level 7 (400/800/100)
Day 1C Entries: 170
Total RG Main Event Entries: 569

Greg Jennings is proving himself a dual-threat this weekend with success in live and virtual poker. 

RunGood Friend Greg Jennings bagged 20 big blinds yesterday on Day 1A, more than enough to try and make it to the final table with. Those chips weren't enough for Jennings, though, as he participated in Day 1B, only to come up short of a larger stack. Jennings had planned to take the night off from the tournament grind and ended up at Jack Binion's Steakhouse for dinner before heading over to play some Video Poker.

Jennings said he wanted to play the machines in order to stay away from the tournament area before Day 2 but that soon changed. 


It was there where Jennings binked a jackpot (as his loyal Twitter followers have seen him do a few times) for a prize close to a final table payout. 

After collecting his hand payout, Jennings decided to enter Day 1C in Level 3 and is once again on the tournament grind. Jennings is still in the tournament at this stage and based on how well he has been running off the felt, he has already locked up a win for the weekend (#MatriarchApproved).

Coming into tomorrow's Day 2, Jennings is attempting to make his third RunGood final table of 2017 and earn his place onboard the RunGood Cruise.  

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