Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 23
Chip Average: 506,000

Alvin Harris stacks his winnings after doubling up through Gary Bass. 

It only took two bets for 1,100,000 chip pot to break out between Alvin Harris and Gary Bass but by the time it was over, Harris moved to second in chips after doubling through Bass. 

Bass raised in early position to 150,000 and Harris thought for three minutes before moving all-in for 557,000 total from the big blind. Bass called right away with AK♣ and Harris was at risk with Q♣Q. The J♣6♣39♠10♣ board held for Harris and he is the second player to hit seven-figures. Until the field hits 18 players, Harris and chip leader David Troutman are seated directly next to each other. 

Bass was left with 60,000 and hit the rail a few hands later.

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