Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 19
Chip Average: 612,000

John Pelton's good fortune continues and he is the latest player to hit the 1,000,000 mark. 

John Pelton has been on a run since doubling up earlier in three table play and is now over 1,000,000 with the elimination of David Nicholson. 

Nicholson shoved for 200,000 in the cutoff and Pelton called out of the small blind. Pelton's AQ had the A5 of Nicholson in peril and the 1044A♣J board locked up the bustout.

Pelton's chips are assembled in the 1,000,000 range and the RG Main Event field is one elimination away from redrawing for the final two tables. Pelton currently trails only Alvin Harris and David Troutman on the tournament leaderboard. 

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