Level 17 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 41
Chip Average: 284,000

Alvin Harris flopped quads and got all of Jesse Greer's stack to put himself near 700,000. 

The massive hands continue to play out in the RunGood Main Event field and Alvin Harris picked up quads at the perfect time to eliminate Jesse Greer. 

Greer opened the button to 23,000 and Rusty Stegall called in the small blind as did Harris in the big blind. The K♠44♠ flop checked to Greer and he bet 34,000.

Only Harris called and the 2 came on the turn. Harris checked and Greer bet 74,000, leaving himself about that much behind. Harris put him all-in and Greer called with AK♣, drawing dead against the 4♣4 of Harris.

The K river was just a needle and Greer hit the rail. Harris chips up to 680,000 and is among the chip leaders as Level 18 comes to a close. A look at the current leaderboard is below.

David Troutman - 950,000
Gary Bland - 850,000
Chun Law - 820,000
Alvin Harris - 680,000
Gates Harris - 510,000
Stephen Lee - 450,000
David Nicholson - 400,000

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