Level 17 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 472
Players Remaining: 46
Chip Average: 205,000

The field is down almost a full table in the post-money bubble session. Among the players to pick up more chips in that time is Hutch Clinton (pictured), who put Matt Franks to the test in a large pot. 

On a flop of 8♠6♠4♣, Franks bet 75,000 into a pot of 120,000 from middle position and Clinton raised all-in on the button. Franks had 95,000 behind and used two minutes of time before folding. Franks showed one card but it was not visible from the notepad angle. Clinton flashed A♣A and stacks up to 400,000. 

On another table, Harris Smith (pictured) busted Danny Williams with K♣K♠ against the A10 of Williams for 80,000 when he flopped a set in the preflop all-in. Smith chips up to 375,000 as the field continues to narrow down.
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