Level 28 (50,000/100,000/10,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 1
Chip Average: 11,640,000

David Troutman started heads up play with a wide gap between him and Kyle Cartwright (pictured) and in less than 15 hands, their match was complete with Troutman coming out on top. 

Troutman opened to 200,000 on the button and Cartwright shoved for 1,900,000 from the big blind. Troutman called with A♠10♠ and had the A♣7♠ of Cartwright crushed. The 109♣3♠ flop left Cartwright with few outs as only running cards would save him. The 6♣ turn had him in need of only an eight to fill a straight but the 10♣ river was not what Cartwright was looking for.

Cartwright finishes a strong two days of poker with $36,883 but comes up shy of his ultimate goal. Troutman claims victory and his first title. A winner's recap will be posted shortly.

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