Level 13 (2,000/3,000/3,000)
Total Entrants: 536
Players Remaining: 90
Average Stack: 119,000

Another table is down on Day 2 of the RG Main Event and Ryan Enis (pictured) did his part to make the field one step closer to the money. Enis busted Stacy Havner thanks to a fortunate spot in the small blind. 

Havner led off the limping from the lojack and was followed by Stephen Lane in the hijack, Jared Ingels in the cutoff, Enis in the small blind, and David Lieberman checking his option. 

The 7♣5♣5♠ flop checked to Havner and she moved all-in for 46,000. Enis turned into the only caller and his 7♠5 full house placed Havner's J♣8♣ flush draw in hell.

No runner-runner magic came for Havner and Enis is up to 125,000 near the start of the second level of Day 2.

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