Level 9 (200/600/1200)
Day 1A Entrants: 150
Players remaining: 51
Average chips: 58,823

As the short stacks face pressure from the rising blinds and the opposing chip stacks, the action has reached the shoving stage. While surveying the room for chip count updates we spied three such situations.

At chip leader Askia Ingram's table, a player moves all in on the flop for 36,600. The flop reads 6♥2♠3♣ and there is already a sizeable pot in the middle. Ingram is the only player left in the hand and he tanks for a minute and a half, muttering under his breath as he mulls over his decision. In the end, Ingram calls and turns over 4♦4♣ for a pair and a gutshot. His opponent reveals A♠K♦ and must catch a better pair to survive.

Ingram stands and exclaims, "Alright. Hold! Hold!" as the final two cards are dealt. The Q♥ on the turn is no help and the 4♠ on the river seals the win for Ingram, who extends his lead with a stack of 260,000.

Turning our attention to the next table over, we find Michael Beaty all in on the river with a bet of 54,200. There is approximately 40,000 in the pot and there is a straight on the board, which reads 4♦3♦2♣5♥A♥. His opponent has Beaty covered and goes into the tank but ultimately folds. Beaty now sits with 95,000 in front of him.

We immediately turn to an adjacent table where another all-in hand has just played out. We missed the action, but in the end Rudy Shultz has doubled through David Brown. Shultz held K♦K♣ against Brown's A♠K♠. The flop of Q♠2♠2♣ gave Brown additional flush outs, but it would not be filled by the 8♦ turn or 2♥ river. This gave Shultz 120,000 in chips, with Brown dropping to 30,000.

Other chip counts in the field:

Greg Jennings - 150,000
Travis Taylor - 115,000
Li Wu - 45,000
Dan Lowery - 20,000

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