Level 11 (300/1000/2000)
Day 1A Entrants: 150
Players remaining: 38
Average chips: 78,947

After an early limper, Jesse Jones raises from middle position to 6,000 and gets three callers, beginning with Joe Froehle in the small blind.

The flop brings K♠J♦7♥, and the action checks around.

The turn is the T♠. Froehle, first to act, leads out for 12,500. Two players fold and Jones thinks for a moment before raising to 39,000. Froehle mulls it over and calls.

The river is a blank, the 4c. Now Froehle acts quickly, moving all in for 84,900. Jones snap calls and turns over A♣Q♦ for the nut straight. "Nice hand," Froehle says, mucking his cards face down.

The dealer doesn't turn them up before moving them into the muck, and we miss our chance to see his holdings. Regardless, Jones takes down a massive pot and now sits among the chip leaders of the first flight. Froehle is left with three big blinds.

Jesse Jones - 178,000
Joe Froehle - 6,100

Downstream casinoMain eventRungood poker series