Seniors, Omaha 8, and After Work NLH! (8/14/23 Day Five)

It's an action packed Monday filled with three events that include a Seniors NLH, an Omaha 8 tournament, and then a After Work NLH. Three one-day events for three signature SDPC Wave Trophies.

Yesterday concluded the massive  506-entrant Weekend Opener NLH event which saw Gabriel Hababba take home $12,635 in cash after a six way deal was made. Right behind him was Louis Montano navigating a 176-entrant Black Chip Bounty NLH field for a pay day of $5,250 after a negotiated three way deal. Full results of each event can be found here:

$300 Weekend Opener NLH

$300 Black Chip Bounty NLH

For a full schedule of events click here.

Today's events include:

10AM - EV05 - Seniors NLH (Buy-In $150, Open to Ages 50+)

2PM - EV06 - Omaha 8  (Buy-In $300)

6PM EV07 - After Work NLH (Buy-In $200)

Alicia Skillman from 8131 Media will be on-site capturing photos throughout the ten days. Players are encouraged to download and share their pictures on social media for free for non-commercial use purposes. Photos can be found and downloaded here.

Happy Wave Trophy Hunting!

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