Papa Karn takes the title in the Deepstack, Main Event Day 1A chip leader

56 of the original 331 players who entered the RGPS Deepstack event returned Thursday at noon for Day 2 at Hard Rock Tulsa. With 36 places paid, those with short stacks felt the pressure to double up and make it to a payday.  One such player was Terry "Papa" Karn, who started the day with 57,600, well below the 88,660 average. What could have been a short day for another short stack instead became a run for the ages as Karn doubled and then knocked out eight players on his way to the final table, accumulating over 1,000,000 chips in the process.

At the final table, Karn faced RG pros Chris Conrad, Dan "Wretchy" Martin, and seasoned veterans Rodney Spriggs, Alan Demeter, Angelo Gonzales, and Dan Overholt. Spriggs and Bob Holmes came to the table short-stacked, but Karn paid no mind, limping into the pot, all but daring the short-stacks to shove.  The strategy seemed to work, as Karn ultimately negotiated a three-way ICM chop with Conrad and Martin that included Karn taking the event title and RG medallion. Congratulations!

Official results for the $180 RGPS Deepstack event:

Place Player Name Prize
1 Terry "Papa" Karn $6,750
2 Daniel "Wretchy" Martin $7,670
2 Chris Conrad $7,503
4 Dan Overholt $3,151
5 Jerad Jameson $2,363
6 Angelo Gonzales $1,854
7 Jason Caster $1,566
8 Rodney Spriggs $1,298
9 Alan Demeter $1,117
10 Bob Holmes $880
11 John Millsap $880
12 Travis Wycoff $880
13 Roy Jones $662
14 Raymond Henson $662
15 Lynn Samples $662
16 Freddie Rodriquez $519
17 Lauren Bunch $519
18 James Price $519
19 Mimi Tesfalidet $417
20 Cherie Baber $417
21 Tina Wooten $417
22 Nicholas Allen $417
23 Robert Gray $417
24 Bryan Phahurat $417
25 Matthew Whitson $417
26 Jody Briscoe $417
27 William Cranford $417
28 Daniel Hughes $348
29 Douglas Dykes $348
30 Samantha Abernathy $348
31 Curt Roggow $348
32 Craig Carley $348
33 Matthew Mckim $348
34 Cory Holden $348
35 Alexander Coleman $348
36 Jay Hunter $348


All our pics from the Deepstack event are available in the RunGood Gear Facebook photo albums, which you can find here (Day 1A), here (Day 1B), and here (Day 2).

While the Deepstack final table played out, across the room another $160 RGPS ME Satellite began. It was a bit of a slow build up, with just 50 players entered at the 4 p.m. start time, but by the time late registration closed, the field swelled to 96 players. 18 would walk away with seats in the Main Event, smashing the 10-seat guarantee, while the bubble would receive a $330 prize.

Official Thursday (May 5) ME Satellite results:

Place Player Name Prize
1 Stephan Guy ME Seat
1 Doc Smith ME Seat
1 Raymond Kilpatrick ME Seat
1 Jeri Sieber ME Seat
1 Shawn Cleophas ME Seat
1 Rania Nasreddine ME Seat
1 Brian Olson ME Seat
1 Darrin Stull ME Seat
1 Jeffrey Bowles ME Seat
1 Zejadin Capri ME Seat
1 Melinda Hettick ME Seat
1 William Donnelly ME Seat
1 William Fisher ME Seat
1 Mesgana Tesfalidet ME Seat
1 Dianna Phillips ME Seat
1 Jay Chansombat ME Seat
1 Mary Young ME Seat
1 Randall Clements ME Seat
2 Michael Newport $330.00


The first Day 1 flight of the Main Event hit the ground running Thursday night, and PokerNews is back to cover all the action. Live reporting and chip counts can be found here. 88 players signed up for Day 1A and at the end of the night it was Randy Clement bagging up the chip lead, amassing 191,500 chips. Two more flights on Friday at noon and 7 p.m. are sure to challenge that total heading into Day 2 on Saturday.

Come and join us for your shot at poker glory. The $675 Main Event winner will have his or her name etched on the RunGood Travelling Champion's Cup and receive a replica to keep, in addition to first place prize money and a $10,000 add-on bonus!