Congratulations to RGPS Tulsa Main Event winner David "ODB" Baker ($29,154)

At noon on Sunday, September 11, 57 players returned to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to play their best in the RGPS Main Event. 36 players would cash, with the top finisher taking home $38,810. The eliminations began immediately as short stacks clamored to double-up early and improve their chances of making it into the money. Thanks to this break-neck pace, hand-for-hand play began just 45 minutes into Day 2.

The money bubble burst 12 hands later when Mark Martin's J♣J♠ held up against John Popa's 8♥8♣. At that point, Eric Bunch and Jose Montes were neck-and-neck for the chip lead with about 450,000 each, but neither would make it to the final table. Montes, who started the day as the overwhelming chip leader, went out after a few bang-bang plays, first moving all-in with A♠K♠ against Joe Ferguson's J♠J♦ on a board of K♥Q♣J♠. Ferguson's set held up and Montes was left short. Montes was eliminated a hand or two later when he moved all-in from the hijack with Tx7x and was called by Shane Fuller in the big blind with 3x3x. A 3x hit the flop and Montes exited the tournament in 21st place for $1,519.

Eric Bunch couldn't keep the momentum going once the bubble burst. He started the day with 212,000 chips and peaked when the bubble burst, but four levels of play later he was back to 240,000. With the blinds at 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante, Bunch open-shoved with AxJx and was called by a single opponent holding AxKx. Bunch failed to improve and was eliminated in 17th place for $1,890.

WSOP bracelet holder and eventual RGPS Main Event champion David "ODB" Baker quietly navigated the field, mostly flying under the radar until he picked up pocket aces and eliminated RG Pro Justin Gardenhire in 16th place for $1,890. After that, Baker went back into incognito mode, emerging at the final table to knock out Shelby Fall in 9th place for $4,066. But with five players left, Baker found himself the short stack.

He took a key pot with top set of aces, then doubled through Tai Du by coming from behind with A♣J♦ against Du's Q♠Q♣. Baker later eliminated Du in 4th place for $11,474 when Baker's 6♠6♦ held against Du's A♦9♦.

The three remaining players, David Baker (2,495,000), John Reynolds (1,985,000), and Stephan Guy (1,195,000), negotiated an ICM chop of the remaining prize pool, with the trophy going to Baker.

Photos from the event can be found here (Day 1A), here (Day 1B), here (Day 1C), and here (Day 2).

Official $675 RGPS Main Event Tulsa results:

Place Name Home Town Prize
1 David Baker Sahuarita, AZ $29,154
2 John Reynolds Tulsa, OK $27,257
3 Stephan Guy Osage County, OK $23,420
4 Tai Du Oklahoma City, OK $11,474
5 Cary Marshall Reno, NV $8,606
6 Joe Briscoe Tulsa, OK $6,750
7 Joe Ferguson Catoosa, OK $5,703
8 Leslie Hallaway Bartlesville, OK $4,724
9 Shelby Fall Vincennes, IN $4,066
10 JD Ontiveros Tulsa, OK $3,205
11 Alegria Lotero Cleveland, OK $3,205
12 Mark Martin Dexter, KS $3,205
13 Chris Hooper Tulsa, OK $2,412
14 Benjamin Reason Whitehouse, TX $2,412
15 Tammie Jacobs Sand Springs, OK $2,412
16 Justin Gardenhire Broken Arrow, OK $1,890
17 Eric Bunch Tulsa, OK $1,890
18 Shane Fuller Olatha, KS $1,890
19 James Dunkelberger Wichita, KS $1,519
20 David Cantrell Claremore, OK $1,519
21 Jose Montes Bronx, NY $1,519
22 Timothy Black Pittsburgh, KS $1,519
23 James Tyner Tulsa, OK $1,519
24 Mina Greco Katy, TX $1,519
25 Raymond Henson Spring, TX $1,519
26 Robert Shuptrine Bentonville, AR $1,519
27 Justin Morris Mcloud, OK $1,519
28 Sherry Haney Tulsa, OK $1,266
29 Gregory Jennings Overland Park, KS $1,266
30 Jasen Currie Kansas City, MO $1,266
31 Louis Barlow Oklahoma City, OK $1,266
32 Pete Petree Owasso, OK $1,266
33 Phillip Jones Tulsa, OK $1,266
34 Caleb Roland Moore, OK $1,266
35 Michael Klatt Sioux Falls, SD $1,266
36 John Song Dallas, TX $1,266


Congratulations to David Baker and all of the winners in the RGPS Main Event!

Of course, the Main Event wasn't the only action going on Sunday. We also had the $135 Jack 'n' Jill tournament that kicked off at 3pm. 30 male/female teams entered, creating a prize pool of $6,300. Six teams would earn cash awards.

The winning team would also receive custom prizes: for "Jack", a Custom Yeti Roadie 20 cooler and 2 Yeti colsters, and for "Jill", a custom Rustic Cuff bracelet set.

Photos from the Jack 'n' Jill event can be found here.


With four teams left, the remaining eight players agreed to chop the remaining prize pool, with the official payouts as follows: 

Place Name Hometown Prize
1 Jami Walters Salina, OK $1,900
1 Chris Conrad Peach Tree, GA $1,900
2 Cindy Luna Tulsa, OK $1,223
2 Pete Petree Owasso, OK $1,223
3 John Popa Bixby, OK $933
3 Debbie Inman Bixby, OK $933
4 Edson Oliva Tulsa, OK $933
4 Kim Brumley Tulsa, OK $933
5 Joe Swenson Wagoner, OK $933
5 Sandy Jennings Wagoner, OK $933
6 Kristi Hamrick Tulsa, OK $378
6 Leon Hamrick Tulsa, OK $378


Congratulations to Chris Conrad and Jami Walters on your win!  And thank you to all the Jacks and Jills who came out to play!

RunGood will take Monday to restock the inventory and reopen with our final End of Summer series at Harrah's North Kansas City on Tuesday, September 13.  Click here for schedules and structure sheets. We look forward to seeing you there!

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