Level 5 (200/400/400)
Total Entrants: 132

Los Angeles resident Steve Vang (pictured) came a long way to play in the RunGood Bossier City Main Event, but it wasn't entirely planned out. Vang was in Colorado for an HPT event and planned to visit family in Dallas when he learned the RGPS would be in Bossier City this week.

"I've been hearing about RunGood for three years," Vang says, "but since I was in Dallas anyway, I figured I'd have to check it out."

Vang's regular game is playing $40/$80 Limit Hold'em at the Commerce Casino, but his eyes light up when he tells us about the $100/$200 LHE game at the Hawaiian Gardens.

Vang has been playing since he turned 19 when he lived in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He owned his own used car dealership by 23 and turned to poker to fill the gaps when business was slow.

"Whenever business was bad, poker got me back up," Vang says. "I quit playing for about three years when I was 26, and when I went back to play it's totally different. When I was younger, it seemed like I controlled everything, but not anymore."

Vang played a slew of bracelet events at the WSOP in Las Vegas this year, but says he saw zero return on the six-figure investment. Vang also took some bad beats in Flight A but is back to try again in Flight B.

Asked for his first impression of the RGPS, Vang says, "It's a really good structure."

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