Level 12 (1200/2400/400)
Day 1A entries: 82
Players remaining: 19
Average chip stack: 86,315

The last level of the night is underway with 19 players left in action. At the conclusion of the level, the remaining players will bag up and take a couple of well-earned days off until the Day 2 restart on Sunday.

The chip lead is a neck-and-neck race between Russell Licking (226,000) and Jacob Seale (234,000). We will, of course, bring you the official chip counts at the conclusion of the day. But for now, here's a look at the leaders:

Jacob Seale - 234,000
Russell Licking - 226,000
Kristian Olson - 136,000
Cash Carpenter - 110,000
Alex Marler - 96,500
Jay McVeigh - 93,000
Justin Gardenhire - 92,000
Ben Reason - 82,000
Jeff Tebben - 77,000
Paul Strohm - 73,000

Ten minutes remain in the level and we will bring you any dramatic hands that happen as the day winds down, followed by the official chip counts for the remaining players.

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